REPORT: Fisherman Uses Massive Magnet To Reel In WWII Weapon, Over 200 Scooters

Wikimedia Commons/Public/Cassowary Colorizations, CC BY 2.0

Micah Allen Contributor
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Father-son fishing duo Xan and Cal Dulyea-Lowing made an unusual discovery while fishing with Massive Magnets, Fox 17 News reported Friday.

The pair uncovered a live bazooka rocket from World War II and an 1829 Jukar Spain Pistol while fishing in Michigan’s Grand River, according to Fox 17 News. After uncovering weapons in their adventures, the father and son contacted local police to see if they could keep the discovery. Unfortunately, the rocket needed to be deactivated by the local bomb squad, and the duo could not take home their catch, the outlet reported.

When asked about why he loves this hobby the way he does Fox 17 News, Cal replied “The thrill” and “You never know what you’re going to get.” This thrill is reportedly amplified through some large and unique catches that they have brought in over the years, including the discovery of over 200 electric scooters from a single river near Michigan State University.

The duo also uncovered a motorcycle in 2023 through a series of catches including a rearview mirror and a brake lever, but were unable to secure the vehicle itself without help, according to Fox 17. They reportedly returned two months later with more magnet fishermen and a dive team in an attempt to capture the motorcycle. (RELATED: Couple Catches $100,000 Cash While Fishing In Park: REPORT)

Cal and Xan run a successful magnet-fishing business, often finding additional mopeds and computers in the process, according to Fox 17 News. After discovering that the motorcycle was stolen, the fishing duo reportedly delivered it to local police.

Cal told Fox 17 News that this hobby goes beyond the simple enjoyment of it. He and his son reportedly consider it a form of public service, saying, “We’re cleaning out that water. If [you] swim in it, [you] aren’t getting cut on that rebar.”