Couple Catches $100,000 Cash While Fishing In Park: REPORT

Wikimedia Commons/Public/Fars Media Corporation, CC BY 4.0

Fiona McLoughlin Contributor
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A couple caught a safe full of approximately $100,000 cash in Corona Park in Queens, New York, according to WFLA News.

James Kane and Barbi Agostini were magnet fishing Friday when, after about 45 minutes of fishing, they made a life-changing discovery, according to WFLA News. Kane reportedly felt a tug on the line and hauled up an old safe covered in rust from Meadow Lake in Corona Park.

The couple has reportedly discovered safes in the past and assumed there was nothing inside this one.

“It looked sealed, but I saw a hole in the bottom, so I started banging it on the floor, and I thought there were baggies in there where you would put, like, change or something like that,” Kane told the outlet.

Agostini told the outlet she thought Kane was messing with her when he said there were hundred-dollar bills inside the old safe.

“Until I saw it for myself, and he peeled back the dollars, and I saw the hundred dollars, that’s when I finally believed him, and I just gasped,” she told WFLA News.

The two estimate the cash found in the safe is worth up to $100,000, the outlet noted. The couple contacted the New York Police Department (NYPD), who said they could keep their find as the safe had no serial number and the owner could not be determined, the outlet reported.

The couple told the outlet they intend to present the money to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing in Washington, D.C., to begin the currency redemption process.

Kane and Agostini also reportedly plan to use the money to buy a home in New York City for their five-member family. (RELATED: 11-Year-Old Reels In 2 Barrett .50 Caliber Rifles During Fishing Trip).

The couple began magnet fishing during the COVID-19 pandemic and post their findings to their YouTube channel titled Let’s Get Magnetic, WFLA News reported.

The two reportedly said they have discovered an array of finds throughout their magnet fishing journey, including grenades and firearms.

“We found one grenade in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn,” Kane told the outlet. “We found one across from the United Nations building in Gantry Plaza State Park … Firearms all over the entire five boroughs.”