HART: Campaign Slogan — Vote For Donald Trump (As Seen On ‘COPS’)

Ron Hart Contributor
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The court in New York City has spoken. As instructed by the judge in Democrats v. Trump, the kangaroo court gave its verdict. The jury foreman stood up, reached into his pouch, and pulled out 34 guilties. 

It was clearly a White House-directed hit job. The number-three guy at the Department of Justice was sent from his cushy job in Washington to NYC to be an assistant DA. He took a 50 percent pay cut to do so. You know how people always take a 50 percent pay cut to go live in NYC.

In a letter to the New York State Commission on Ethics (if there is such a thing), Republican Rep. Elise Stefanik questioned how this Juan Merchan judge keeps getting “randomly appointed” to preside over Trump and Trump-like cases. 

Even CNN said the Trump trial was not a legit case. CNN’s chief legal guru said the NY prosecutors “contorted the law” and that the case was an “unjustified mess.”

Yet despite so many reversible errors in this case, the Dems bum-rushed a guilty verdict before the presidential election. This tells you all you need to know about their motives. Trump really thought it would be a hung jury. He hasn’t wanted something to be hung that badly since Mike Pence.

Now it looks like the contorted sham of a show trial has energized Trump supporters. His campaign war chest grew by an unprecedented $200 million right after the verdict. It was such a political win that Joe Biden is thinking about admitting the cocaine found at the White House was his and that he held Hunter’s gun for him.

The GOP said the fundraising broke the Internet for an hour after the trial. The Google search to “donate to Trump” was the Number One search, briefly surpassing “boobs.”

Now the  trial of Hunter Biden is upon us. And wouldn’t you know it? Suddenly the laptop the government has had since 2019 is in evidence. 

Don’t forget: in the lead-up to the Hunter Biden trial, the DOJ and the U.S. prosecutor in Delaware, David Weiss, cut Hunter Biden an unthinkable and sweeping sweetheart deal — until it was rejected by the judge when they tried to ram it through. In his secret pretrial diversion agreement (not even a plea), Hunter would go free on the gun charges, despite clearly lying on his permit application form; the IRS charges would be dropped; and he would get immunity for any and all federal crimes that might be brought. This was the deal the DOJ secretly tried to give Hunter Biden. Think about that. 

Compare that to what was done to Trump in our two-tiered justice system. Biden and all his cronies at DOJ always insist that “no one is above the law.” Hunter Biden’s Secret Service nickname is apparently, “No One.” 

Hunter spent a few days with Joe at one of his beachside mansions in Delaware just waiting for the sea levels to rise. Then Hunter joined him in, I guess, getting their story straight. Joe said, “Remind me of the name of our Chinese business partner.” Hunter responded, “His name is Kha Ching, Dad.” 

To try to get her story straight, his son’s ex-wife (we learned in a secret slip from the press) was also visited by Joe because she is a witness in the trial. Nothing to see here of course. 

There is little chance that this small state of Delaware, where the Bidens have ruled with an iron fist for 50 years, will convict Hunter. The people know this. Dems are good at criminal and slip-and-fall trial law. That is why you see them all advertising on billboards and buses. 

And just so the heavily black jury gets the message, they even position the Bidens and Richard “Mouse” Smith, beloved head of the Delaware NAACP, in the courtroom audience.

We will have an interesting race this fall. We have a GOP candidate who might soon be sentenced and a Democrat who cannot finish one. What say we just call off this year’s election and go four years without a leader? We can just tell all the politicians, “Hey, we need some time to be alone, to be single and find ourselves.” 

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