ROOKE: ‘Godmother Of Queer Theory’ Admits Her Work Champions Pedophilia And Turning Kids Gay

Photo by Aldara Zarraoa/Getty Images

Mary Rooke Commentary and Analysis Writer
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The “Godmother of Queer Theory” admitted Tuesday that her work “makes it easier” for pedophiles and the indoctrination of minors into gender and sex ideologies.

The mask is completely off of Judith Butler, who sat down for an interview co-presented by Pioneer Works and Dia Art Foundation with host Jack Halberstam at the New York art gallery to promote her new bool, “Who’s Afraid of Gender?” Within the first five minutes of Halberstam’s questioning, Butler addresses attacks made against her work, where she says that it “make[s] it easier” for people with all sorts of deviant lifestyles, including pedophilia, to live out their desires publicly.

“… I was identified as representing gender ideology and a threat to children. My work would indoctrinate them. Or my work would license pedophilia. Or my work and the work of gender more broadly would teach them how to become homosexual or teach them they must become homosexual,” Butler told Halberstam. (ROOKE: Anti-Groomer Moms, The Biden Admin Is Coming For You)

Halberstam then interrupted the author, saying, “Kinda true. Kinda worked, yeah!” to the laughter of Butler and the crowd.

“Of course, we know Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick said, ‘Yes, we do teach that!’ And that is one answer. If that is your desire and you’re looking for ways to live according to that desire, come along, and we’ll make that easier for you,” Butler admitted.

While Butler was trying to scoff at the idea that her work helps promote pedophilia into the public sphere or that she’s turning children gay after the host laughs and says that’s precisely what it does, she agrees. All it took was a progressive host fanning positive affirmations her way to get her to reveal the dark reality behind gender theory, which is that these theorists have no issue using children to promote the sex life of adults.

In fact, they’ll “make that easier for you.”