Video Appears To Show Ceiling Panel Fall Off Aircraft During Landing

(Photo by Lambert/Getty Images)

Max Keating Contributor
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Video of a Delta Airlines flight Saturday from Honolulu to Minneapolis appeared to show an interior panel fall above passenger’s heads.

Passenger Marissa Walton filmed the moment that showed a panel from the Boeing 767 aircraft ceiling dislodge during landing, the New York Post reported.

“I’m not an expert, but this doesn’t look great,” Walton wrote as a caption to her footage.

The video shows two flight attendants attempting to reattach the ceiling panel while passengers watch. (RELATED: ‘Disruptive Guest’ Allegedly Streaked Through Airplane, Forced Landing: REPORT)

No one appears to have been injured from the incident.

Malfunctions in Boeing aircraft have caused heightened concerns about passenger safety in recent months.

Three senior Boeing executives, including CEO Dave Calhoun, announced they were stepping down March 2024 amid negative media coverage and the launch of a federal investigation into the safety of the company’s passenger jets, NBC News reported.

The media scrutiny ignited after the door panel of an Alaska Airlines flight blew off mid-flight in January.

A Boeing whistleblower, Roy Irvin, alleged he was reprimanded as “insubordinate” for raising safety concerns about the company’s 787 Dreamliner planes, according to the New York Post. Another whistleblower, Santiago Paredes, told the Post that as a production investigator for the aircraft, he saw “missing parts, incomplete parts, frames that had temporary clamps and missing fasteners, dents in the parts, damaged parts, cut rivets, issues that might occur but should be fixed before they got to me.”