Google Commemorates D-Day Anniversary By Celebrating Random Lesbian

(Photo by Gary Hershorn/Getty Images)

Gage Klipper Commentary & Analysis Writer
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The Google Doodle is the daily sketch that appears atop the search engine’s main page. It’s ostensibly meant to celebrate a notable person or event of day. But given the company’s woke turn, the Google Doodle is not always what you’d expect.

There was a meme circulating a while back about Google being so woke, that it could be Christmas Day they’d still use the Doodle to celebrate the first Indigenous woman to get an abortion.

Well, they did it guys. They did the meme.

Today is D-Day, one of the most critical days in world history. Our boys landed on the beaches of Normandy, and so began the defeat of fascism and the making of the modern world. But of course, Google has no interest.

What does the tech giant choose to celebrate instead? Jeane Cordova, a “China lesbian activist who fought for the LGBTQ+ rights movement and championed feminism.”

This is more than a slap in the face to all who serve. It spurns the American ideals they fought to preserve. The LGBTQ movement — and the critical gender theory that underpins it — rejects the very notion of liberty and justice for all. Rather, it says that America is rotten to the core, and that its founding principles were all lies intended to benefit straight white men and oppress everyone else. The only answer is to take political power for itself.

For Google to celebrate this kind of activism on D-Day reveals the depth of its contempt for the culture that birthed it. We get it guys, you hate the West. Save some time next year and just make the Doodle a bunch of dead soldiers.