Mike McDaniel Is Reminding His Dolphins Over And Over Again That They Suck So They’ll Win A Playoff Game

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Genius idea from Mike McDaniel!

The Miami Dolphins used to be a franchise that won on a consistent basis, but they’ve only been able to tally six postseason appearances since the 2000 campaign. Their last playoff victory, which came that year, took place Dec. 30 against the Indianapolis Colts in an overtime wild-card thriller.

Here in the 2020s, Miami has compiled quite the talented roster, making the postseason two consecutive years as a result — the first time they’ve done so since 1997-2001. Here in 2024, head coach Mike McDaniel and the Dolphins are hoping to build on that. (RELATED: Checkmate: Eagles’ Nick Sirianni Takes Smooth Shot At Hated New York Giants)

McDaniel, who is known for being uber-creative, revealed Thursday a tactic he’s using to motivate his team to win their first playoff game in 24 years … yes, 24 years! And doing it by paying homage to the glory of the Phins’ past. Speaking with reporters, McDaniel stated that Miami is starting all of their meetings at 24 minutes past whatever hour they have it scheduled for — 9:24, 11:24, 1:24, 3:24 and so on.

“That’s how many years it’s been since the organization’s won a playoff game,” said McDaniel, per the Palm Beach Post.

As sad as this whole thing sounds, it’s actually a fantastic idea to reverse the depression, and God knows we Dolphins fans have had plenty of that.