Golf Channel Has Absolutely Cringe Moment When They Hilariously Mistake Citadel’s Everette Sands For Vince Young

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Nooooo! I can’t handle the cringe!

There are some high-profile people who are competing June 6-9 in the BMW Charity Pro-Am, with one of them being college football legend and former NFL’er Vince Young. And for a moment, Golf Channel thought they landed an interview with the former Texas Longhorn … except, they didn’t.

A reporter was walking down the fairway with an individual whom she thought was Young, but instead, it was actually Citadel assistant football coach Everette Sands. And when that was revealed, holy hell, what an awkward moment it gave us.

Things got started with the interviewer naming off a few of Young‘s accomplishments, labeling the former first round pick as “arguably one of the best quarterbacks” in the history of college football, and then going on to discuss his career in the National Football League (NFL). Showing respect, Sands let the reporter get out all of her comments and questions before informing her that he wasn’t Young. It just sucked for him that she went on so long. (RELATED: Mike McDaniel Is Reminding His Dolphins Over And Over Again That They Suck So They’ll Win A Playoff Game)

“Now, I apologize,” said Sands. “But you have the wrong person. I’m Everette Sands of the Citadel. Which, I’m a football coach.”

It appeared that the reporter was in shock after the fact, because she didn’t move the mic whatsoever and just kept it in Sands’ face, making things even more awkward. But Sands was a good sport about it, taking advantage of the moment to speak about golf.

“The great thing about golf is — I’m not only competing against myself, but I’m competing against everybody else.”

But still … one hell of an awkward moment.


How on earth did they mistake Everette Sands for Vince Young? (LMAO)