Lefty Christian Group Bans Christian Beliefs

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Gage Klipper Commentary & Analysis Writer
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Reddit used to be the biggest forum for free and open discussion on the internet.

Now, with everything right-of-center banned or censored, the lunatics have taken control of the asylum — and it’s turned into the internet’s biggest left-wing cesspool.

The Reddit group for Christianity, over 100,00 members strong, just banned core Christian beliefs on gender and sex. What a great way for lefty activists wearing the skin-coat of Christian morality to kick off Pride Month!

As part of an effort to be “inclusive and welcoming,” a new rule prohibits “asserting that it’s a sin to be in an LGBTQ+ sexual relationship.” The group might as well have just banned The Bible altogether.

This is the lowest form of Jesus-was-a-communist pseudo-Christian activism. Christians don’t stand against LGBT ideology because they hate their neighbor, but quite the opposite. They stand against these beliefs because they know they are sinful; they love you and want you to share in God’s love.

Embracing left-wing social values as the “true” Christianity is a problem that extends far outside online forums. Sometimes, churches cave to cultural pressure in a cynical attempt to keep the pews full in a rapidly secularizing world. But often, the preachers themselves are antagonistic to the beliefs and ideas they’re meant to be preaching. They use the language of the old morality just to foist a new morality on unsuspecting parishioners.

Any respectable Christian should know better. If a self-declared Christian tells you that it’s a sin to criticize the LGBT cult, know that he is lying. He’s not a man of God, he’s a filthy Communist.