Want The Whole World To Fly Pride Flags? OK, Liberals. Here’s the Plan

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Gage Klipper Commentary & Analysis Writer
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Human Rights are absolute, or so the left always reminds us. By this, they don’t mean life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, but the rights to change your gender and have society celebrate your sexual fetishes.

So as the entire Western liberal elite chastises their own people for supposed homophobia this June, it’s worth noting which countries actually criminalize homosexuality. It’s typically the exact countries that these very same liberals assure us will bring “cultural enrichment” to our own society.

This pride month, it’s time for these zealots to put their money where their mouth is. Want to end homophobia? Let’s Make Colonialism Great Again.

I don’t mean colonialism in the silly neocon way. We’re not spreading “compassionate conservatism” here. We’re not going in their half-assed thinking smug moralizing can stand in for the sword of justice. Like the conquistadors before us, we’ll put an end to human savagery in the uncivilized world. Listen up guys, no more throwing gays off roofs. r

In a few short years, America might just own an Africa full of Safari Singapores.

For all the elite hang-wringing, Americans (and the West more broadly) are pretty damn tolerant of sexual preferences. We’re not going to celebrate your bad choices, and don’t want you preaching to our kids, but whatever you do at home is your own business. So if these elites really cared about ending homophobia, they’d become the colonialists they were born to be.