Ravens’ Lamar Jackson Hilariously Blasts FS1’s Nick Wright For Not Putting Him In His Top 5 QB Rankings

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Immature, sure, but justified.

Nick Wright, a sports journalist and personality for FS1, recently issued his rankings for who he thinks the top five quarterbacks in the NFL are (like we don’t get enough of that already during the offseason), and the list is a doozy: 1. Patrick Mahomes (Kansas City Chiefs), 2. Josh Allen (Buffalo Bills), 3. Joe Burrow (Cincinnati Bengals), 4. C.J. Stroud (Houston Texans) and 5. Caleb Williams (Chicago Bears) /Matthew Stafford (Los Angeles Rams).

In outright disrespect, Wright didn’t feature Baltimore Ravens’ Lamar Jackson despite him winning MVP last season. Well, Wright’s reasoning is because Jackson has minimal success in the playoffs — nevermind that we have a choke-artist, a sophomore and a rookie on the list, but okay! (RELATED: Mike McDaniel Is Reminding His Dolphins Over And Over Again That They Suck So They’ll Win A Playoff Game)

“Every single year, [Lamar has] the worst game of his season in the playoffs,” Wright said.

Well, understandably so, Jackson wasn’t happy with Wright’s rankings, and went full out-petty mode as a result. Taking to Twitter, Jackson published a photo of a monkey, but not just any monkey — one with a gargantuan nose, you know, like Nick Wright’s (LMAO).

On paper, this is a hilarious story, but you have to think … surely, Nick Wright is well aware of how big his nose is living with it for nearly 40 years, and surely, this isn’t the first time that Wright has been made fun of for it.

So though I find Lamar‘s jab to be giggle-worthy, I also find it to be minimally effective against Wright.

But still, thanks for the laugh, Lamar!