Russell Brand Says Voters Who ‘Care About Democracy’ And ‘Freedom’ Should Back Trump

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Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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Comedian Russell Brand stated on his show Friday that voters who care about “democracy” and “freedom” should back former President Donald Trump in November.

Republican National Committee (RNC) spokeswoman Elizabeth Pipko joined Brand on his show “Stay Free with Russell Brand” to discuss her views on the upcoming election and the decision voters will need to make.

During the interview, Brand turned his attention to the “concern” he had from the “contempt and condemnation” that has been shown towards Trump supporters, calling out the “weaponization of the legal system” following the former president’s guilty verdict. (RELATED: Individual Claiming To Be Juror’s Cousin Posted About Trump Conviction On Social Page Before Verdict, Judge Says)

“For a long time Elizabeth, I’ve been concerned about the snobbery and contempt and condemnation in which people that support Donald Trump are plainly held by his detractors. And this is while you have an administration that’s emulating his policies plagiarizing from Donald Trump while simultaneously criminalizing him through the weaponization of the legal system,” Brand began.

“In a straight choice between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, if you care about democracy, if you care about freedom, I don’t know how you could do anything other than vote for Donald Trump for precisely the reasons that they claim that you can’t vote for Donald Trump,” he continued. “They act as if a vote for Donald Trump is almost like you’re directly voting for Armageddon, like you see hysterical performances outside of courtrooms, endless MSNBC bombast.”

“But I’m starting to think that no,” Brand said. “A greater threat to democracy is this kind of technological feudalism, that tells you that it cares about you and that it’s protecting vulnerable people, all the while increasing censorship, increasing the funding of wars, increasing the division between ordinary Americans.”

Last month, Trump was found unanimously guilty on all 34 felony counts regarding his New York case brought forward by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg who claimed that the former president falsified business records through a nondisclosure payment made to porn star Stormy Daniels.

While Republicans have called out the connections that both Bragg’s team and presiding Judge Juan Merchan have to Democrats and the Biden administration, Democrats have already begun to campaign on the ruling. A new Emerson College national poll conducted June 4-5, shows that Trump is not only leading, but a majority of undecided voters stated the ruling does not impact their vote.

Within a two-way race between Trump and President Joe Biden, the former president is estimated to pull ahead by one point as he sits at 46% with voters. Within a mixed race of Trump, Biden, Independent candidates Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Cornel West and Green Party candidate Jill Stein, the former president pulled ahead of the race by 6 points as Biden sits in second with 38% of the potential votes.

Additionally, the majority of Democrats told the survey that the conviction makes them “less likely to support Trump” (51%), as a  majority of Republicans (55%) “say it makes them more likely to support Trump,” according to the poll. Independents also showed that 41% found the verdict to have no impact, 38% stated it made them “less likely to vote for Trump,” and 21% “more likely.”