Horrifying Video Shows Flames Shoot From Boeing Aircraft’s Engine

Wikimedia Commons/Public/Julian Herzog, CC BY 4.0

Jeff Charles Contributor
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Footage circulating on social media shows a harrowing incident in which flames shot from the engine of an Air Canada Boeing jet during takeoff Wednesday.

The video shows Flight AC872 taking off from the runway en route to Paris, France before the flames appeared out of the engine. The plane turned around for an emergency landing, according to the New York Post. (RELATED: Shocking Video Shows Boeing Plane’s Fiery Landing After Gear Failure)

“Holy crap!” the person recording the footage exclaimed as the flames began shooting out of the engine. “We’ve got an engine fire — holy sh*t!”

Air Canada released a statement obtained by the New York Post explaining that the plane had an undisclosed “engine issue” that caused the fire. After its swift emergency landing, the plane was reportedly intercepted by fire teams. No one was reported injured, according to the outlet.

“After the aircraft landed, it was inspected by airport response vehicles as per normal operating process, and it taxied to the gate on its own,” the airline reportedly noted in its statement. The passengers have been offered a new flight, the outlet reported. The aircraft was reportedly “taken out of service” to be inspected, the statement added.

Boeing has been under scrutiny over its manufacturing practices after whistleblowers came forward and revealed problems with its quality control procedures. Former president and CEO of the company Dave Calhoun stepped down in April amid a series of high-profile incidents involved the company’s aircraft.

In January, the emergency door of a Boeing MAX 9 plane flew off while the aircraft was airborne, which forced an emergency landing. Multiple passengers sued the company, alleging physical and emotional trauma, court documents read. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) released a report in February which revealed they had photographic evidence indicating that the door had no bolts installed.

A Boeing 747-4oo plane reportedly conducted an emergency landing in May when it’s fourth engine emitted a loud noise and flames.