Will Donald Trump’s Conviction Affect Your Sex Life This Weekend?

(Image created by Ask America with Edgar)

Gage Klipper Commentary & Analysis Writer
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Rogue puppet-journalist Edgar pounced yet again on the hapless citizenry of Washington D.C., probing to see how Donald Trump fits into their sex lives.

Check out Edgar’s raunchy antics below in the latest episode of the Daily Caller’s “Ask America with Edgar.”

Some D.C. denizens responded eagerly, saying that it made them “horny.” I guess that’s what happens when Trump Derangement Syndrome mixes with sexual frustration.

Others were more demure, but Edgar, fearless journalist that he is, probed further. There’s a lot of things you can do with a pair of handcuffs and a long, red necktie.

“I hate the tie,” said one young woman, but relented when Edgar suggested that it could be well used for “hate sex” in some odd bondage scenario. By all means, use your imagination — but “Fifty Shades of Orange” might be the sequel you never knew you needed.

Our blue menace then asked his subject to choose between the timeless Trump “p-ssy grab” or the good old fashioned “Joe Biden sniff.”  Some faint-hearts fled the highly personal question, but a larger number of (far more inebriated) passersby publicly revealed their preference.

“Trump! You’re gonna grab me . . . I love you!”  said one woman, while another said Biden “can sniff me wherever he wants, he’s the president!”

Edgar closed out his interview asking “Which is worse: Trump banging a porn star or Joe Biden showering with his daughter?” Unsurprisingly, many of these echo chamber dwellers had no knowledge of Ashley Biden, and her inappropriate childhood showers with her father.

Edgar followed up, asking this largely Democratic bunch who they’d be voting for in November. It turns out, not even deep blue D.C. is excited about old Grandpa Joe.

When asked for comment himself, Edgar implored Daily Caller readers to like and subscribe to his new YouTube channel, “Ask America with Edgar.”