GOP Rep Says Biden Is ‘Too Little, Too Late’ On Attempt To Address Border Crisis, Pointing To Polling

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Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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Republican Texas Rep. Wesley Hunt stated Friday on Fox News that President Joe Biden’s attempt to address the border crisis is “too little, too late,” and called out how the president is “getting killed in the polls” on the issue.

Hunt appeared on “Jesse Watters Primetime” to discuss Biden’s recent move to address the high volume of illegal immigration through a new executive order. Following a breakdown from Fox reporter Bill Melugin at the border, the guest host asked about the anticipated “change” Biden’s order will supposedly bring. (RELATED: Six Illegal Immigrants On State’s ’10 Most Wanted’ List Stand Accused Of Child Sexual Abuse)

“All that … Joe Biden had to do, three years ago, was press Control+C and Control+V — cut-and-paste President Trump’s policies into what we are seeing today — and we would never have this problem. The reason why he’s doing this right now is because he is getting killed in the polls on immigration. And we have not seen Kamala Harris — who is the border czar — in sight for the past three or four years as well and this is why we are having this problem,” Hunt stated.

“They’re getting killed in the polls, they know President Trump is doing absolutely very well on this particular issue and they know that the American public is watching. And this is a complete disaster for them and it’s not gonna work because it is too little, too late. Joe Biden on this issue is 2,000-and-late when it comes to border policies and we all know this. And so to watch this last-minute, hasty delivery of what we will see for border policy when we passed H.R. 2 over a year ago is a complete joke. And now he is trying to fix this via executive fiat, which he could’ve done three years ago. It’s a complete joke, brother, and you and I both know what’s going on here.”

As Americans have continued to witness the crisis at the southern border, polls have shown the issue is significant for many when it comes to their decision for the November 2024 election. Americans’ concern over the border jumped up eight points from January to February, with 28% responding that the issue is the top problem, according to a February 2024 Gallup poll.

The new executive order is expected to pause new asylum requests after hitting a seven-day 2,500 daily average threshold, and restart processing when the daily average falls to 1,500.