MLB Insider Buster Olney Gets His Twitter Account Hacked, And This Is Some Grade-A Trollin’

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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This was some absolutely brilliant trolling.

Buster Olney, the legendary MLB insider for ESPN, got his Twitter account hacked Monday, and holy hell, the content produced from it is glorious.

It didn’t take long for fans to figure things out, as Olney was tweeting out some “bombshells” such as New York Mets superstar Francisco Lindor getting traded to the Oakland Athletics, the season being canceled because of COVID and simply that he just hated the Mets — and who doesn’t? (RELATED: Minnesota Twins Unveil New City Connect Uniforms, And Yikes, They’re Hideous)

Oh, but that wasn’t all. The Olney impostor also “reported” that Los Angeles Dodgers kingpin Shohei Ohtani was under threat of going to prison for the rest of his life because of the gambling scandal that popped off earlier in the season.

See what I mean?

Just fantastic grade-A trolling.

Hey, consider yourself lucky, Buster. I just get blatant hate. (LMAO)

And I love how the perpetrator made the Mets the centerpiece of their trolling, that’s just great.

Yeah, I’m an Atlanta Braves fan and I’m aware of our struggles because of our injury problems, and I also have a rooting interest in the Miami Marlins and I’m aware that they, well, suck. And I’m fine with the Philadelphia Phillies and Washington Nationals doing their thing regarding division rivals. But the Mets?

LOL … I can’t stand those fools.