The Obvious Reason For Caitlin Clark’s Olympics Snub

(Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

Gage Klipper Commentary & Analysis Writer
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There have been countless think pieces about the racism surrounding Caitlin Clark, the women’s college basketball star who recently went to the WNBA.

It’s racist that people tune in to watch her, it’s racist that media covers-slash-coddles her, it’s racist that America cares about the achievements of a white player — the dumb takes are virtually endless. The sports media world, along with some fellow players and coaches, are determined to highlight the supposed “double standard” that Clark benefits from as a white girl in a majority-black sport that’s long been overlooked by the public.

We get it guys, you’re mad; seeing greatness often has that effect on those obsessed with their shortcomings. They want to see her fail — which is likely the reason she was snubbed from the USA Olympic women’s basketball team over the weekend. Realistically, there can only be one reason why.

If you know one thing about the WBNA, it’s that the left is super mad that people don’t watch it. Now, these women are great athletes in their own right, but it’s never going to be as entertaining as watching men play at an elite level; any honest observer will admit it. As a result, there’s less advertising, fewer sold-out seats, and yes, lower pay for the players.

Along comes Caitlin Clark, the one woman who stands a chance of changing all that. She’s sparked a new interest in the sport, creating media and public excitement for a sport that never had any. She’s wildly talented with numerous rookie records, and a fan favorite (who ever bought a WBNA jersey before her?) — there’s no reason not to put her on the team. The smart move would be to ride that enthusiasm into the Olympics, but the powers that be cut off their nose to spite their face.

They’re so obsessed with flippantly calling Clark a racist that they fail to see their own true racism when it rears its ugly head. The official reason for the snub is she’s too inexperienced and would probably not get a lot of play time. But it’s hard to see any other reason than pure, jealous spite — imbued to some extent, with the type of anti-white racism that our commentariat refuses to admit exists.