Sleeping MAGA Giant Of Europe Finally Awakens, And The Global Left Could Not Be More Terrified

(Photo by Christian Liewig - Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images)

Gage Klipper Commentary & Analysis Writer
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Watching conservative news or social media often paints a dark picture for the future of Europe. Europe is conquered, it seems, as the strictures of a globalist elite and their imported, third-world hordes appear to dominate the continent. Together, they have strangled the customs, cultures and histories — to say nothing of legal protections — of native Europeans. But the sleeping giant of Europe has finally awoken, and the global left could not be more terrified.

Much of Europe’s ruling elite went down in a “stunning defeat” over the weekend in the European Parliament elections, PBS reported.  Conservative parties, or “the far-right,” as the media histrionically calls them, walked away with a “decisive victory” in countries throughout the continent.

France swung for Marine Le Pen’s National Rally party by such a large margin that liberal President Emanuel Macron dissolved the French parliament and called for early snap elections. Macron’s left-wing globalist Renaissance party barely took second place.

Germany, where leaders have been buffoonishly cracking down on citizens singing “Foreigners Out” to the tune of 1990s techno beat, also saw a successful conservative insurgency. Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s left-wing Social Democrats tanked below 14% support, while the conservative Alternative for Germany party surged to the second largest party in the country.

These are the big two — but the phenomenon is far more widespread. Nationalist parties in Italy, Hungary, the Netherlands, Austria, Spain and Belgium all won landmark victories. Some won in landslides and expanded their control, while others made narrower gains but still ousted ruling leftist parties. Anyway you look at it, it’s a massive win for the nationalists of the Western world against the globalist forces that despise them.

The votes are for the European Parliament, the European Union’s highly technocratic supranational governing body, and won’t affect national governments — at least right away. But it is certainly a dark omen for Europe’s ruling elite: a storm is coming.

This all paints a none-too-flattering picture of the doomsayers supposedly on “our side.” Europe is not lost, and viral videos aside, there were never really signs to suggest it was. These nationalist movements, heavily suppressed by technocratic meddling, have been bubbling just below the surface for quite some time. So the question then becomes: what possible motivation could these so-called nationalist conservatives have for selling us a message of decline and despair? The answer, whether it be cynical engagement farming or something far more nefarious, cannot be good. Your political allies want to communicate a message that uplifts; your enemies want you demoralized.

Americans should take these elections as a promising sign; defeat is not inevitable, and the restoration of greatness is never more than a generation away. But be warned: do not trust any voice that tells you otherwise.