Israel Releases Footage Of Daring Hostage Rescue Operation

Screenshot/Telegram/Israel Police

Ilan Hulkower Contributor
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Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and police published footage Monday of the operation that successfully rescued four Israeli hostages held in Gaza.

The footage captured the intense fighting police forces had to endure to enter and breach the house where three out of the four hostages were held. (RELATED: Israel Releases Footage Of The Daring Operation That Freed Two Hostages)

One of the elite special forces could be heard saying in Hebrew, “Hebrew! Hebrew! Where are the rest?” to one of the hostages after they breeched the house. A voice could be heard in the distance saying, “Here! They are here.” The footage then turned to two of the hostages, Almog Jan and Andrey Kozlov, huddling together as they identified themselves by their first names. The officer could be heard reporting that they found all three hostages before a chorus of explosions and gunfire occurred.

“We have come to rescue you. Be calm,” declared one of the officers to the hostages. The rest of the footage showed the withdrawal of Israeli forces and hostages from the house under gunfire.

According to Emanuel Fabian, a Times of Israel military correspondent, it was during the fighting at this home that “Yamam officer Ch. Insp. Arnon Zmora was killed.”

Another video with English subtitles shared by the IDF showed the three hostages aboard a helicopter as they were back in Israeli airspace.

The IDF previously released footage of the moment when Noa Argamani — the fourth hostage — made it to the rescue helicopter, and it took off from the Gaza Strip on Saturday.

Argamani was held at a separate location then the other three hostages, according to the IDF. All four are reported to be in good condition. Hamas had taken the four hostage at the Nova music festival during the Oct. 7 attack that killed around 1,200 people.