‘Joe Biden Will Pardon His Son’: Conservative CNN Pundit Drops Hand Grenade Into Hunter Debate


Julianna Frieman Contributor
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CNN political commentator Jonah Goldberg dropped a bomb into a debate about Hunter Biden’s scandals Saturday.

President Joe Biden told ABC’s David Muir that he would not pardon his son Hunter Biden, who faces three federal gun charges brought by special counsel David Weiss in September 2023. In a panel discussion also including CNN’s Chris Wallace, Lulu Garcia Navarro and Kara Swisher, Goldberg unleashed on the idea that Biden would refrain from pardoning Hunter Biden, asserting that the Democratic president will do so after the 2024 election.

“If he didn’t say it, they would attack him for being a terrible father,” Swisher said.

“And also, by the way, he has said, he was asked directly, and he has said he wouldn’t pardon, um, his son if he gets convicted,” Garcia Navarro added.

“Let’s wait and see what happens if he loses,” Wallace remarked.

“Yeah but, I mean, but he said it!” Garcia Navarro exclaimed. “I mean, and he said he would abide —”

“Well what was he gonna say? He has to say that,” Wallace shot back.

“Well, I don’t know!” Garcia Navarro said.

Goldberg came in hot after Wallace told him to “hit me with your best shot” when the conversation continued after the network cut away to show Biden’s remarks in France. (RELATED: ‘I’ll Be Honest At This Point …’: CNN Panelists Break Down Why Key Battleground State Will ‘Land In Trump’s Column’)

“So we don’t know if Hunter Biden’s actually gonna be found guilty. I think he will,” Goldberg said. “We don’t know even if he’s found guilty whether he will go get a real prison sentence in this or in a subsequent tax case. If he does get a real prison sentence, despite your endearing faith in Joe Biden’s word, Joe Biden will pardon his son to spare him a prison sentence after the election one way or the other.”

Hunter Biden’s trial began on June 3 in Delaware. The first son’s charges include providing false statements and knowingly possessing a gun while being addicted to drugs.