Minnesota Twins Unveil New City Connect Uniforms, And Yikes, They’re Hideous

(Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images)

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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I’m very disappointed in MLB and their 2024 City Connect nonsense …

Major League Baseball used to be on point with not just City Connect uniforms, but with alternate jerseys, period. But here in 2024, things have been a disaster, and the latest example are the City Connects for the Minnesota Twins, which the team unveiled Monday.

The Twins were clearly going for a particular vibe with their unis, but the only thing that I can see is how ugly they are. (RELATED: Phils’ Bryce Harper Comes Up With An Interesting Idea For An In-Season Tournament, But Can Americans Get Down With It?)

Minnesota‘s City Connect jerseys are meant to celebrate the 10,000+ lakes that the state is famous for. They want you to feel like you’re sitting by a lake while the sun is setting, mixed with a little “Purple Rain” vibe … yes, like Prince, even though there’s zero purple in the unis. And holy hell, I can’t stress enough how ugly these things are.

They debut Friday against the Oakland Athletics, and will eventually be worn only on Fridays, starting Aug. 9.

Check out the hideousness:

Go back to the drawing board, Minnesota, because this ain’t it.