Dog Runs Almost 4 Miles To Get Help After Man Falls Off Embankment

[Not the dog from the story] Wikimedia Commons/Public/Janesalway, CC BY-SA 4.0

Jeff Charles Contributor
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An Oregon man is lucky to be alive after his heroic dog ran nearly four miles to get help after his owner had fallen into an embankment, according to the authorities.

The Baker County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch received a report on June 3 in the morning that a vehicle had fallen over an embankment, according to a press release. The caller stated that Brandon Garrett, his brother, had not returned to his camp the previous day.

Garrett’s family managed to find his vehicle but were not able to help because of the treacherous terrain. The man had been driving in the area with his four dogs when he careened off the edge and fell into the ravine. (RELATED: Body Cam Footage Shows Dog Helping Rescue Owner Stuck In Frozen Lake)

One of the dogs ran almost four miles back to the camp, which got the attention of the rest of the group. The group went looking for the motorist, the press release explained. Garrett crawled out of the vehicle and remained in the area overnight.

Upon being alerted about Garrett’s situation, the authorities found him after searching the area and hearing his cries for help. The sheriff administered first aid to Garrett as Pine Valley Rural Fire volunteers and U.S. Forest Service employees cut through the brush with chainsaws to clear the way for Search and Rescue.

Once the team reached Garrett, they loaded him into a rescue basket connected to a rope system and pulled him out of the ditch. He was later airlifted to a local hospital. The rest of his dogs were also rescued.

On the sheriff’s office’s Facebook page, Garrett’s son thanked those who participated in his father’s rescue. “You all are amazing!” he wrote.