Migrants From Turkey Break Legs Falling From 30-Foot Border Wall, Video Captures Aftermath

(Photo by Andrew Lichtenstein/Corbis via Getty Images)

Jeff Charles Contributor
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Two Turkish migrants attempting to illegally enter the United States reportedly broke their legs after falling from the 30-foot border wall.

The incident occurred on Saturday as the illegal immigrants attempted to scale the wall after being smuggled to the southern border, according to the New York Post. The two individuals traveled from Turkey to Cancun, Mexico. From there, they made their way to Tijuana and then to the border.

The illegal immigrants used a ladder given to them by the smugglers in an effort to climb over the wall, according to the outlet. The first of the two migrants reportedly fell while trying to climb down from the top of the wall into San Diego’s International Park, and said both of his legs were broken from the fall.

U.S. emergency services arrived on the scene to rescue the men, according to the report. This is not an isolated incident, according to the Mexican consulate, which reported that 29 illegals died in 2023 after falling from the wall. (RELATED: Migrant Falls Off Border Wall, Dies)

The incident comes after President Joe Biden issued an executive order aimed at curbing the influx of illegal immigrants into the country. However, there are indications that the White House’s policy is not having much of an effect on border crossings.

“Biden’s executive order is a facade, offering the illusion of security while doing nothing to address the real issues at our borders,” Jim Desmond, a San Diego county supervisor, said. “This past weekend alone, thousands of individuals entered San Diego County, exacerbating the alarming number of over 151,000 street releases this fiscal year.”