Apple Partners With ChatGPT On New Software

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Jack Slemenda Contributor
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Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in Cupertino, California, kicked off Monday, and the tech giant unveiled their plan to catch up in the artificial intelligence (AI) race, unveiling new software partnered with OpenAI.

CEO Tim Cook announced “Apple Intelligence” will roll out to varios Apple products later this year. OpenAI’s ChatGPT will also play a role in the new software, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Apple Intelligence will take in information from apps on the user’s device and scan it to edit texts, find photos of specific people or things, originate diagrams from sketches or make new emojis, according to the outlet.


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The popular voice-activated assistant, Siri, is also getting reworked. Once the update comes out, Siri will be able to comprehend languages better and complete additional functions within apps for the user, WSJ reported.

ChatGPT will come in when Siri is met with a too difficult task. This new update will present the user with an on-screen message asking if you would like to use ChatGPT for your task. The OpenAI software will also have the ability to write texts. Apple says all users will be able to set when they want ChatGPT to act, the outlet reported.

A big concern with Apple accepting help from ChatGPT is the liberal tendencies the system outputs. A study by the University of East Anglia laid out how the AI system provides responses to the benefit of U.S. Democrats amongst other left leaning groups. (RELATED: OpenAI Signs Deal With The Atlantic, Vox Media)

Forbes did their own test on ChatGPT by inputting several different prompts such like asking the chatbot to impersonate politicians from all sides and comparing those responses with the system’s normal answers. The outlet did this over and over again to minimize the random responses the AI gave.

Then they asked ChatGPT “politically neutral questions” with “radical political positions” in mind. The final result displayed “default answers [that] tended to align more with the left-wing answers than with those from the right,” the outlet reported.