Parents Whip Guns Out On Man Who Allegedly Broke Into Home, Raided Change Jar For Personal Booze Fest

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Ilan Hulkower Contributor
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Police in Lavonia, Georgia, said Wednesday that they arrested a man who was held at gunpoint by homeowners after allegedly passing out drunk during a burglary.

The suspect, Manuel Delatols Pizon, allegedly returned to the home after stealing change from a jar in the house and using it to purchase alcohol, Fox Carolina reported. (RELATED: Audrina Patridge Opens Up About Being A Victim Of Infamous Crime Spree In Hollywood)

Pizon then allegedly consumed a “copious amounts of adult beverages” before passing out on the floor of the house’s bedroom, police said in statement.

The statement also contained photos of the scene showing what appeared to be an unconscious man on the floor, a person holding a rifle and the suspect being taken into police custody.

After Pizon passed out, the homeowners allegedly arrived and held him at gunpoint until police showed up, the Facebook post read.

The police said the incident offers three lessons for the public: 1) do not commit burglary, 2) don’t get drunk and pass out if you do commit burglary, and 3) “don’t allegedly burglarize a residence that is protected by parents who believe in the 2nd Amendment,” according to the press release.

Pizon was booked into the local county detention center, Fox Carolina reported.