Anna Paulina Luna Snaps Back At Ex-GOP Rep Over ‘Weaponized’ DOJ Against Trump

(Screenshot/NewsNation/"Dan Abrams Live")

Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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Republican Florida Rep. Anna Paulina Luna snapped back Tuesday at former GOP Illinois Rep. Joe Walsh over the “weaponized” Department of Justice (DOJ) against former President Donald Trump.

Luna and Walsh appeared on “Dan Abrams Live” to discuss the recent guilty verdict of President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, on three felony federal gun charges he faced related to a purchase of a Colt Cobra revolver in October 2018. While NewsNation host Dan Abrams called out Republicans’ argument of a double standard within the DOJ, citing Democrats who have been charged, to which Luna brought up the “soft perspective” the DOJ appears to have on the Bidens.

As Luna continued to call for an end to the double standard, stating she would have voted for former New York Rep. George Santos’ expulsion if he had been convicted, Walsh pushed back against the Florida lawmaker’s statement. (RELATED: ‘Give Us The Documents’: Tempers Flare As Matt Gaetz Grills Garland On Biden DOJ Coordination With Alvin Bragg, Fani Willis)

“What I will say is that we cannot allow there to be a double standard and what you’re seeing right now in fact I’d like to bring up President Trump’s trial of what’s happening right now in New York City. It’s very evident that that was not something that was not something that was done justly. I think the American people hold that sentiment,” Luna said.

“It’s scary, because what you’re finding is that people that are worried about the economy, people that are focusing about what’s happening with their families, they’re being really shown this side show, and what it’s showing is legislators here are more concerned about getting even and really, I think, hemming up their political opponents in the justice system than actually working on behalf the American people. That’s why I’m looking forward to President Trump’s reelection in November.”

“This isn’t complicated. Everything the congresswoman just said there in that amazing montage you played earlier of everyone in right-wing media convinced that there’s some huge conspiracy here. It’s not complicated. Here’s the deal, the congresswoman’s leader of her party, the nominee, denies that Joe Biden won in 2020. So damn near every Republican has to —” Walsh said in response.

“Well, Hillary Clinton denied that she lost in 2016. So are you going to call it what it is? I’m just saying,” Luna said before Abrams interjected for Walsh.

“Congresswoman you can fire right back at me. So Dan, that’s part of it. So now every Republican sows distrusted in our election system. They’re doing the same thing here with the justice system. The leader of their party’s been indicted four times, 88 felony counts. They have to scream that the justice system is unfair, even when, as you presented the Justice Department’s gone after Democrats too. They have to defend Trump so they have to say this,” Walsh continued.

“Let me just point out, you said something on election integrity. You know in the state of Florida we actually opened up a division of election integrity. We found out that people were indeed trying to do things in our past election cycle. They were arrested for that. So to say that our election system is a hundred percent reliable and really encourage people not to have oversight on that I think is irresponsible,” Luna said.

“But even then so and aside from that, if you’re trying to say what happened in New York, where they took a misdemeanor that was outside of the statute of limitation and upgraded it to a felony only to go after the president and he’s been charged over 90 something times. I mean look, you don’t have to like Donald Trump, but what I will say is he’s done some incredible things for this country and it is weaponized against him.”

Both Republicans and legal experts have called out Trump’s case within New York, questioning the possible connection to the Biden administration as the prosecution’s team and presiding judge were found with Democratic links. Within Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s team, former acting associate attorney general for President Biden, Michael Colangelo, made the move to the New York District Attorney’s office after spending two years in Biden’s DOJ.

Additionally, presiding Judge Juan Merchan was found to have donated $35 to Democrats in 2020.