Surveillance Video Appears To Show Middle School Coach Choking 14-Year-Old Student With Shirt

Digital Vision via Getty Images

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Surveillance footage captured the moment a coach apparently began choking a student with a t-shirt in the hallway after the student refused to do some pushups as punishment for messing around in the hallways.

The alleged assault occurred on June 4 at Ypsilanti Middle School in Michigan. The student, identified as Michael Moon, can be seen walking down the hallway when his “trusted coach” apparently comes up behind him and chokes him with a t-shirt.

Michael’s parents reported the alleged incident to police, who subsequently showed them the surveillance footage. His mother, Yolanda Ellis, told Detroit ABC affiliate WXYZ she was “horrified” by what she saw and the alleged incident made her “lose trust in that coach, because he was someone that Michael looked up to.” (RELATED: REPORT: Police Arrest Middle School Cop Who Coached Soccer For Molesting 14-Year-Old At School Dance)

WXYZ said Michael told his parents it began when the coach, who also serves as a hall monitor, ordered him to do some push-ups because he had been horsing around in the hallway.

Although there isn’t audio on the surveillance video Michael can be seen on his knees, apparently extending his arms out as if he’s trying to show the coach something with his hands.

Michael’s mother told WXYZ her son had a hand injury and was trying to explain why he couldn’t do the push-ups.

The surveillance footage then appears to show Michael getting up and going into a classroom. Seconds later, the coach apparently takes Michael into the hallway, appearing to force the boy to walk in front of the coach, before the coach appears to take a shirt, come from behind Michael and allegedly choke him.

The principal notified Michael’s mother that the employee was immediately terminated following the alleged incident, the outlet reported.

The family hired attorney Jordan Vahdat, who reportedly said he would conduct his own investigation into the alleged assault. Vahdat added that he would investigate any previous issues the coach may have had with other students that would have signaled that the coach may not have been fit to be around students, according to the outlet.

The school district sent a letter to parents to notify them about the alleged incident, stating it had happened toward the end of the week, but Michael’s parents claim the alleged incident happened Tuesday, reported the outlet.

The letter does not mention an assault or the nature of the alleged incident but said, “We are committed to continuing to fully cooperate with the involved authorities,” according to WXYZ.

Michael’s parents and their attorney hope to hear soon that some criminal charge has been filed against the coach, WXYZ reported.