Now You Can Bet On What Kind Of Protesters Will Interrupt Major Sporting Event

David Ramos/Getty Images

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At last, someone has figured out a way to combine our civilization’s two great pastimes — protesting and sports gambling.

Protesting has become so ubiquitous in western culture that bookmakers are now taking odds on whether or not the Euro 2024 soccer tournament will be disrupted by agitators.

At 7 to 4, the odds of a protest group interrupting the upcoming European soccer tournament are higher than the odds of any team winning, according to

The oddsmakers have Pro-Palestinian groups as the most likely to cause chaos during the seminal sporting event, Betting Sites spokesman Andy Newton explained.

“With many pro-Palestine protests in Germany over the last few months, there is every chance they could be on the warpath again this week at Euro 2024 and our betting experts agree – making them the most likely day one disruptors at 5/1,” Newton claimed in a press release shared with the Daily Caller.

The mob of traffic-blocking art vandalizers known as Just Stop Oil, slotted in as second-most likely to disrupt at 8/1. (RELATED: Pro-Palestinian Activists Douse Leftist Political Party’s Headquarters In Red Paint)

“Just Stop Oil, who have been a tad quiet of late, at 8/1 could also use this big stage to reignite their cause – especially with the amount of air miles the teams will rack-up getting to Germany,” Newton also shared.

Another group of environmental advocates, German climate activists, take the third slot at 9 to 1.

“The German climate activists, who only last month glued themselves to the Munich airport runway, could easily cause a sticky situation for Euro 2024 security and strike again while the iron is hot – they look overpriced at 9/1,” Newton concluded.

Other groups in the running are animal rights activists at 10 to 1, miscellaneous streakers at 12 to 1 and LGBT groups at 25/1, according to Betting Sites.

The UEFA Euro 2024 tournament is set to kick off Friday, with Germany taking on Scotland.