Mom Claims Her MAGA-Loving Son Was Kicked Out Of School For Being Too Patriotic

Wikimedia Commons/Public/James McNellis from Washington, DC, United States, CC BY 2.0

Jack Slemenda Contributor
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A mother in Huntington Beach, California, claims her son was kicked out of school Tuesday for being too patriotic in his speech for the student council’s commissioner of Patriotism and School Spirit position.

The mother, Hattie Ruggles, took to Facebook to share her son Jimmy Heyward’s story.

Jimmy was seen in photos on Ruggles’ post carrying and wearing MAGA-like products that replaced the “America” part of MAGA with SBS, or Saint Bonaventure School where Jimmy went to school.

Jimmy was supposed to deliver his speech in mid May but was denied the opportunity by Saint Bonaventure School’s principal, Mary Flock, according to Ruggles. Jimmy submitted his speech for edits the day before he was supposed to speak and was told by Flock to “take out everything about patriotism,” screenshots claim.

“He had things in the speech about paying attention and showing respect when doing the Pledge of Allegiance and knowing what the Pledge of Allegiance stands for,” Ruggles writes in the screenshots. “Last night we reviewed his speech with him and edited a few things because we did think they were a little combative for a school speech. By the end of editing it ended up sounding really good and something we were all proud of.”

Jimmy was kicked out of Saint Bonaventure School on Tuesday along with his two sisters and not allowed back next year, according to another Facebook post from Ruggles. The post shows a supposed letter from Reverend Pham of Saint Bonaventure Catholic Parish.

In the apparent letter addressed to Jimmy’s parents which Ruggles posted, Pham alleges the Heywards violated the “Christian Code of Conduct” and the “Parent Electronic Communication policy.”

Pham appeared to allege that the Heywards committed five violations in the letter Ruggles posted. The apparent letter alleges that their “actions have negatively impacted the school community and go against the principles we strive to uphold.” (RELATED: Police Investigating Teacher For Pulling Off Student’s ‘Women For Trump’ Pin)

“Due to the violations of the Christian Code of Conduct and Parent Electronic Communication policy and how you have interacted with the administration, we must inform you that you are being dismissed from the school,” Pham appeared to write in the letter Ruggles posted.

Saint Bonaventure Catholic School declined to comment on the alleged incident.

“However, St. Bonaventure Catholic School remains committed to the principles outlined in our Christian Code of Conduct and Parent Handbook. To that end, we expect all parents and students to uphold these standards, which are crucial to developing a respectful and supportive school community for all,” the school told the Daily Caller. “We will continue our Christ-centered, faith-based mission of fostering an environment where every student can thrive spiritually and academically.”