Pinehurst No. 2 Should Ban This Geek For His Outright Nasty Disrespect To The US Open

(Photo by David Cannon/Getty Images)

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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You did this behind Rory McIlroy though?? Rory McIlroy?!

We all pick our nose, it’s just one of those things we have to deal with being humans and having these weird ass bodies of ours. Let’s not lie, we’ve all taken our finger shovels and have had a good dig while we’re at home, in the car and so on.

With that being said, there’s rules to doing it out in public. You have to do it in stealth and quickly, like it was never even done.

But this guy at the U.S. Open … at friggin’ Pinehurst No. 2 … behind Rory McIlroy … and he’s a damn geek … went all in. And I’m not talking about your average dig here, hell, it’s not even a big-time dig. This dude was nasty as hell — pulling out boogers, playing with them, rubbing them on his fingers, it was disgusting! And not to mention disrespectful as all get out!


LMAO … is it me, or did Rory McIlroy notice the grossness of this guy? Did y’all peep that look? I’m thinking he did, and how could you not?

I already mentioned all of his booger-related activities earlier, but let’s also throw out there the fact that this guy was STICKING HIS BOOGERS ON A RAIL THAT’S BEING USED AT A MAJOR TOURNAMENT!!!

I just can’t with this guy! (RELATED: Construction Mishap Allegedly Causing US Open Grandstand Seats To Collapse)

How on earth do you do this at the damn U.S. Open?!