Ramen Recalled In Denmark Because Customers Can’t Handle The Heat

Wikimedia Commons/Public/Jūnenas0, CC0

Jessi McIntosh Contributor
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Three flavors of South Korea’s Samyang spicy instant ramen are being recalled by the Denmark Food Agency because of the immense heat and potential poisonous levels of capsaicin, according to BBC News.

These recalled flavors include Buldak Spicy & Hot Chicken, Hot Chicken Stew and 2x Spicy & Hot Chicken according to BBC News.

The Denmark Food Agency told the outlet that the capsaicin levels in the soups could potentially poison their consumers, but Samyang claims there is no issue revolving around the quality of their ramen. The agency is also warning against a TikTok trend that challenges viewers to try these noodles according to ITV News. (RELATED: Coroner Rules Massachusetts Teen Died From Eating Extremely Spicy Chip In Social Media Challenge: REPORT).

Original Buldak Ramen has a score of around 4,000 on the Scoville scale, the same spice level as a jalapeno, CNN reported.

In a statement to BBC, the Samyang firm said, “We understand that the Danish food authority recalled the products, not because of a problem in their quality but because they were too spicy.”

The firm also told BBC that their products get shipped globally and that this is the first instance they have been recalled for being too hot and potentially poisonous.

The levels of capsaicin in one packet of the recalled ramen are alarmingly high and can cause the consumer to be exposed to acute poisoning, according to a press release from The Danish Food Agency.

Capsaicin is an extract from chili pepper often used as a remedy to treat pains related to burns, according to the National Library of Medicine.