ROOKE: GOP House Defunds Ukrainian NGO Putting Americans On ‘Watch Lists’

Photo by Luke Hales/Getty Images

Mary Rooke Commentary and Analysis Writer
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Republicans on the House Appropriations Committee voted to defund Texty.org.ua, a Ukrainian NGO linked to the U.S. State Department, after the group put American citizens on “watch lists.”

Indiana Republican Rep. Jim Banks led the movement to prohibit funding to the organization after it comprised a list of individuals and groups it claims are “in the U.S. impeding aid to Ukraine.” Conservative activists like Robby Starbuck, Benny Johnson, Charlie Kirk, and Rogan O’Handley (also known as DC_Draino) received a letter from Banks notifying them of the NGO’s actions.

Their crime was urging their representatives to stop sending Ukraine billions of dollars in aid. Like millions of Americans, they believe that money is better spent inside the U.S. as the country faces unchecked illegal immigration and runaway inflation caused by President Joe Biden’s policies.

For that, an organization funded by American taxpayers and started by the State Department put them on a “watch list” that included personal information.

Navy Reserve Instructor Pilot Michael Cassidy told O’Handley on Twitter that making the list is a “badge of honor” and “another horrible example of where our tax money goes.” (ROOKE: The Left’s Mad That Conservative Justices Aren’t Misogynists With Their Wives)

The war could have ended shortly after it began had Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy accepted the peace deal with Russia instead of listening to Biden. Now, Ukrainian men are dying in droves, and American taxpayers are stuck footing the war bill with money they don’t have.