ROOKE: Joe Biden Must Choose: Good Dad, Or Good Democrat?


Mary Rooke Commentary and Analysis Writer
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Hunter Biden was found guilty by a Delaware jury on three felony gun counts related to his purchase of a Colt Cobra revolver in October 2018. Hunter’s conviction puts his father, President Joe Biden, in an impossible position politically, but it shouldn’t be that hard to do the right thing for one’s son.

Hunter is guilty, in the eyes of many Americans, of far worse crimes than buying a gun while smoking copious amounts of drugs. Even Second Amendment scholars think Hunter has a solid constitutional defense on one of his convictions secured under a law that bans firearm possession for an “unlawful user of or addicted to any controlled substance.”

Biden has spent several decades preaching his “good dad” routine to his constituents. When Hunter’s laptop was confirmed to be authentic, and photos of the president’s son smoking crack and engaging in sex acts with hired women became public, Biden played the part of concerned dad.

However, the laptop seemingly exposed Biden as less a concerned dad and more a man who used his drug-addict son to head the family’s money laundering scheme.

President Biden must choose between leaving his son in jail to prove a political point or protecting his son. There isn’t a parent in America who wouldn’t use everything in their power to protect their child from jail in the same situation.

Biden got his family into this mess when he sent his Department of Justice after his political opponent, former President Donald Trump. (ROOKE: It’s Time For Republicans To Put Up Or Shut Up On Hunter Biden)

If he hadn’t been trying every avenue possible to place Trump behind bars, the choice to pardon his son would have been a lot easier. Parents would sympathize with a president willing to pardon his son convicted of a victimless crime. Still, that’s not what happened.

Biden went after Trump with the full weight and power of the federal government. To maintain the appearance that the U.S. justice system is fair and balanced and keep the Democrats in control of that narrative, Biden will have to sacrifice Hunter for the sake of the party.

Nothing less than letting Hunter serve time behind bars proves that our country works on the “laws for thee, not for me” justice system.  However, it ultimately ends Biden’s “good dad” routine and solidifies that power is more important to him than family.