‘It’s Not Illegal’: Second Grade Teacher Walks Free After Police Arrest Her For Allegedly Teaching Drunk

Wikimedia Commons/public/Harrison Keely, CC BY 4.0

Jessi McIntosh Contributor
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Nuestro Elementary School second-grade teacher Wendy Munson was arrested in October for allegedly teaching with a blood alcohol level over twice the legal limit, according to the New York Post.

Munson is no longer facing charges due to the Sutter County District Attorney’s Office (SCDAO) not being able to find charges that will stick, the office said, according to the outlet

Munson was arrested for child endangerment and DUI charges, according to Fox News.

Munson had allegedly driven to school inebriated, the Sutter County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) deputies said, the outlet reported. She then allegedly instructed students while visibly drunk, the outlet noted. (RELATED: Bodycam Video Shows Teacher Getting Confronted For Allegedly Being Drunk On First Day Of School) 

The District Attorney Jennifer Dupre told NBC 15 she spent months searching for charges she thought she could carry against Munson but was unsuccessful. “It is not illegal to teach drunk,” she reportedly said.

Dupre told the outlet she could not prove that Munson had driven to school intoxicated or prove that she was not able to care for herself or others. The alleged acts also could not fall under child endangerment because the SCDAO lacked sufficient evidence that Munson “would” harm the students, Dupre reportedly added.

“We tried because I don’t like the conduct. It’s not acceptable, but it’s unfortunately not criminal,” Dupre told the outlet.

The staff handbook for Nuestro Elementary teachers states that violators of its alcohol-free restrictions will lose their posts if the law demands it, according to NBC 15. Munson is no longer found on the school website.  They have yet to make a public statement confirming her departure, NBC 15 reported.

Nuestro Elementary School District Superintendent Baljinder Dhillon informed the parents in a letter that Munson’s students did not see the arrest take place and that they would be getting a “long-term substitute,” according to Fox 11.