REPORT: Bear Spotted Taking It Easy In Backyard Hammock

WikiMedia Commons/Public/Colorado State University Libraries, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Jeff Charles Contributor
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A Vermont couple was reportedly surprised on Tuesday when a black bear strolled into their backyard and decided to make itself comfortable on their hammock.

Noah and Kristen Dweck indicated bear sightings are a common occurrence in their neck of the woods, according to The Associated Press. However, this was the first time one of the animals borrowed their hammock.

“It was adorable. It was a funny sight,” Noah told the outlet.

Noah was sitting in his home when he heard the bear rustling in the hammock. “So immediately I knew it was the bears,” he told reporters. He looked out of the window and saw the bear lounging in the hammock, lightly swinging from side to side with another bear looking at it. “It seems like they have done this before,” Noah told The Associated Press. (RELATED: REPORT: Idaho Man Slays Grizzly Bear To Protect Girlfriend)

At that point, the homeowner filmed the bears before scaring them away, according to WPTZ.

While bear attacks are rare in Vermont, they do happen. Last year, the state’s Department of Fish and Wildlife cautioned residents to take measures to prevent confrontations with the animals, especially since incidents have increased over recent years.