REPORT: Manager Says Restaurant Owner Waking Up From Coma After Confronting Alleged Dine-And-Dasher

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Jeff Charles Contributor
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A restaurateur in Albany, New York, is reportedly recovering from a two-week-long coma after allegedly being viciously assaulted outside of his place of business in May.

Su Wen, owner of Shogun Sushi, was allegedly assaulted on May 29 by an individual who allegedly attempted to flee the restaurant after finishing his $425 meal, according to WNYT, a local news outlet. (RELATED: Man Allegedly Fakes Heart Attacks To Skip Out On Bill At Several Restaurants)

The manager told reporters that the alleged assailant had been dining at the restaurant for most of the afternoon with a female companion. The couple ordered copious amounts of alcohol and various entrees, according to WNYT.

When it came time to pay the bill, the alleged thief attempted to pay with a credit card, which only covered about $50. Employees followed him outside after he allegedly tried to leave the restaurant, and a fight reportedly broke out.

“Our staff was just trying to make him pay for his bill,” one of the restaurant’s managers told WNYT. “If you don’t have money, just say so. You don’t need to hurt other human beings.”

Police records, witnesses and security footage show that the alleged assailant struck Su Wen in the face on the sidewalk outside of the restaurant, according to the Times Union. The alleged fight resulted in Wen being taken to the hospital, where he received brain surgery and remained comatose for nearly two weeks, the report noted.

The suspect, Lucas Healey, was charged with first-degree robbery, third-degree assault, theft of service and two minor drug counts, according to WNYT.