Big 12 In Talks With Allstate To Do One Of The Stupidest Things Ever In The Name Of Money: REPORT

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Money is awesome, but man, it can ruin a lot of ish.

The Big 12 Conference and insurance giant Allstate are currently in conversations about potentially selling the naming rights of the league to the company, according to a report Thursday from Action Network.

Some possibilities in regards to names for a sponsored Big 12 are “The Allstate 12 Conference” and “The Big Allstate Conference,” per the outlet. If a deal goes through, it would last several years and could bring in anywhere between $30-$50 million in annual revenue for the league. The money would be split between the 16 members of the conference, according to Action Network’s sources.

The Power Five Conference also has a financial company under consideration for their naming rights as well, with the entity actually having a slightly higher offer than Allstate, per the outlet.

This is so dumb, and yet another example of how things getting too commercial just absolutely annihilates anything quality.

Like seriously, man, how are we gonna name a conference “The Allstate 12 Conference”? What? (LMAO)

“The Big Allstate Conference”? What are we doing? (RELATED: Georgia Tech Trolls Miami In Hilariously Brutal Fashion Using ‘EA Sports College Football 25’)

And when you look through the comments on social media, nobody’s going for it:

Not everything has to be about money, people. And this is coming from somebody who is always scheming to get some.

Let’s do better, good lord.