‘We Don’t Want All This Marketing’: Jake Paul Tells Fox News Biden, Democrats ‘Can’t Fool’ Young Americans

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Julianna Frieman Contributor
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Professional boxer Jake Paul told Fox News host Jesse Watters that President Joe Biden and the Democratic Party “can’t fool” Gen Z voters.

The Democratic Party’s new super PAC “Won’t PAC Down” will target voters under age 30 through celebrity endorsements and pro-Biden content, Politico reported. Others new outreach attempts include efforts to “make politics look different” like dance parties, free beer and contraceptive pill handouts, according to The Washington Post. Paul said it would “take more than that” to appeal to Gen Z voters in the 2024 election.

“So, Jake, if the Democrats have you free beer, would you vote Biden?” Watters asked.

“Man, it’s gonna, it’ll take more than that,” Paul laughed. “But it doesn’t have to do with, to me it doesn’t have to do with Democrat or Republican. It’s about which president is gonna fight for us and whose gonna represent us the best way possible. And that’s really what the young people in America want. We want solutions. We don’t want all this marketing. We don’t want all the, all the BS put in front of us. This is the smartest generation. We’ve had the most access to information and knowledge out of any other generation, so you can’t fool us. So, we just want the truth and we want authenticity.”

Paul told Watters it’s not his “area of expertise” when asked what solutions Gen Z voters are looking for. However, Paul said he knows “people are struggling” with employment, mortgages, and inflation.

“People are struggling with jobs, mortgages are too much for people to afford, um, inflation, proxies are going up as minimum wage is rising. People, you know, are having trouble paying off, uh, going to school and then they’re feeling like, ‘Hey, I have this college degree, but what has this gotten me?’”

Jake Paul told Watters that his brother Logan Paul, is hosting Trump on his podcast Thursday. He said that young voters value “the president showing up” and explaining how he is “gonna help.” (RELATED: Trump Targets Service Workers With Key Tax Plan Promise)

“My brother has invited Biden into his podcast, the last I’ve heard. And, you know, let’s see what happens,” Paul said. “I’ve invited Biden to my fight. I want both Donald Trump and Biden to come to my fight. But who knows which president is actually gonna show up, talk to the people, get into the weeds and meet the young voters where they’re at and give them, give them that representation and give them that voice, and someone who’s gonna fight for us.”