Absolute King Bill Belichick Is Apparently Dating A 24-Year-Old Cheerleader

Matija Habljak/Pixsell/MB Media/Getty Images

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72-year-old Bill Belichick is apparently dating a 24-year-old cheerleader, according to TMZ, and my jaw genuinely dropped when I read this news.

Bill Belichick, you salty old dog!

Belichick, who recently parted ways with his longtime beau Linda Holliday, apparently met Jordan Hudson on a flight from Massachusetts to Florida in 2021, TMZ reported.

The pair apparently bonded over a philosophy project Hudson had been working on for college at the time (right, I’m sure philosophy was Bill’s primary concern).

The pair started dating shortly after Belichick and Holliday’s split in 2022, according to TMZ. She apparently “quietly supported” Bill at Patriots games in Gillette stadium through 2022 and 2023 before his New England departure, according to TMZ.  (RELATED: Here Are The Top-10 Bill Belichick Moments Of All Time)

Bill was also spotted attending one of her cheerleading competitions in March and recently Hudson snapped a behind-the-scenes photo of Belichick at Tom Brady‘s Patriots Hall of Fame induction ceremony, posting a photo of Bill to her Instagram story with the heartwarming caption, “You are the embodiment of virtue, dedication, humility and grace. I am deeply moved by you,” according to a screengrab obtained by TMZ.

Bill, dude, you’re an absolute savage. If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably been watching Bill make the rounds on media outlets like the Pat McAfee show and thinking to yourself “yeah, that’s cool and all, but it’s pretty hard to top the most legendary coaching career of all time.” Well, I think he just did it.

This man has won six Super Bowls as a head coach, two as a defensive coordinator and has racked up the third most regular season wins as a coach in NFL history. And what does he do to top it? He goes and dates a professional cheerleader 48 years his junior while also making a boatload of cash as a media figure. What an absolute king.