Will Biden Wander Away From The Presidency?

(Photo by Alessandra Benedetti - Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images)

Gage Klipper Commentary & Analysis Writer
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With all the candid footage of President Joe Biden lately, we’re all thinking the same thing: Where on Earth will he wander off to next?

The president wandered off aimlessly while meeting with other world leaders at the G7 summit Thursday. Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, the only female leader of the bunch, ran after him to guide him back. Sans Dr. Jill, I guess someone had to step up to fulfill the wifely duties.

And yes, before mouth-breathing fact checkers hop on this, it was, in fact, aimless. Spin doctors can say he was going to look at a parachute all they like, but that doesn’t alter the underlying question of: Why on earth would he do that in the middle of a conversation?

It’s no one off, either — Biden is the wanderer-in-chief. He’s made a habit of wandering off stage at inappropriate times and wandering around like a lost dog as his former boss soaks up the spotlight.

Biden’s habitual wandering is the perfect metaphor for his campaign. It’s all just empty pandering, hoping to get his rapidly fraying coalition of young voters and minorities, radicals and centrists back in line as they increasingly abandon ship. Yet their underlying differences are so great that no amount of aimless pandering can unite them once again.

So where will Biden wander next? With his lowest approval rating to date, the answer seems clear.

Probably somewhere far away from the White House.