Bikini Barista Smashes Man’s Windshield With Hammer After He Throws Drink At Her, Video Shows

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Jeff Charles Contributor
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A bikini barista in Seattle, Washington, shattered a customer’s windshield after he threw drinks at her during a dispute over the price of coffee, according to video footage circulating on social media.

The footage shows the customer placing his drinks on the drive-thru windowsill while complaining about the cost. The barista, later identified as 23-year-old Emma Lee, argued with the customer before the situation escalated to the throwing of drinks and the smashing of a windshield.

The barista threatened to throw the drinks at the customer. “Do you want me to throw this on you,” she said, according to the video footage. “You are pushing it. Get in your f*cking car and take your coffee and leave.” (RELATED: Gym Bros Get In Gym Brawl! Absolute Insanity Erupts After Massive Fight Breaks Out!)

The customer responded by demanding his drinks back before opening the cups and throwing them into the window. The footage then shows Lee leaning out of the window and cracking the customer’s windshield with a hammer.

Lee later said she wanted to hold the customer accountable for his rude behavior, according to Fox 11 Seattle, and indicated that he had been disrespectful in the past.

“You don’t get to name your own price,” Lee argued, according to the report. She also referenced the customers telling her, “Nobody is going to miss you.”

“It was a threat,” Emma recalled. “It’s okay for him to be outraged about the price of his drinks, enough to assault me, but it’s not appropriate for me to respond?”

The dispute started after the customer ordered a 32-ounce coffee and a 24-ounce water. The drinks came to $22. The customer balked, and argued that he should pay less for the drinks, according to the barista.

Reactions to the video were mixed, with some blaming the barista and others blaming the customer for escalating the situation.

The police were later called, and the barista filed charges against the customer for misdemeanor assault. The store has banned him from the premises, according to the outlet.