Video Shows Wild Fight Scenes At High School Graduation

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Dana Abizaid Contributor
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Video captured a wild brawl that broke out Thursday evening at a high school graduation ceremony in downtown Los Angeles, FOX11 reported.

The chaotic fight erupted during the graduation ceremony held at the Walt Disney Concert Hall and eventually led to gunshots fired outside the hall, according to FOX11.

The video shows scenes of people running in all directions while adults try to break up numerous scuffles and one brawler in a blue sweatshirt runs and leaps off the stage into a fracas. (RELATED: REPORT: Video Shows Substitute Teacher In Las Vegas Beat Up Student)


One graduate, Brianna Valdez, told FOX11 that she “had just walked the stage when suddenly, kids from an alternative education school and probation started fighting. Girls were fighting, guys were fighting. I was really scared.” 

The fist-fighting quickly escalated into a more dangerous situation when somebody outside the concert hall pulled out a gun, FOX11 reported.

“We were coming out of the ceremony, and there was a car on the other side. We just saw shooting and saw the smoke and everything, and everybody just got down on the ground,” witness Raul Valdez told FOX11.

Another witness described a dramatic scene after the gunfire erupted.

“This man threw his mom on the floor, just covered her with his body… ‘Mom, get down, they’re shooting,'” the witness said.

A third witness, Javonte Jamison, told FOX11, “We could see that someone was bleeding. He looked like he just got done fighting, and I could see the car pulling up that they were about to do something for sure. You could see the gun smoke, gun shells hitting the floor, and then they kind of peeled off.”

The situation calmed down after police arrested two people in the parking lot, according to FOX11.

Another graduate summed up the chaos by stating, “It was wild. It’s like we’re here for a happy moment, and it’s just ruined with gang activity.”

There were no injuries related to the gunfire, the outlet reported.