‘That’s A Zombie Lie!’: Bill Maher Pushes Back At Charlamagne Tha God For Saying Blacks Must Be ‘5 Times Better’


Julianna Frieman Contributor
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Comedian Bill Maher pushed back at Friday’s guest panelist Charlamagne Tha God for saying black people must be “five times” better in America on “Real Time with Bill Maher.”

President Joe Biden attempted to appeal to black voters at his commencement speech at Morehouse College May 19, during which he said America “doesn’t love” black men “back in equal measure.” Maher pounced on Biden’s insistence that black men “have to be ten times as good to get a fair shot in America,” challenging Charlamagne Tha God when he appeared to agreed.

Maher asked Charlamagne Tha God if he agreed with podcasters who said Biden’s speech sounded like it belonged in 1974 or 1984.

“McWorter, ‘For goodness’ sake, can we please admit that time passes? I remember my mother saying that in the 70s when it still made sense. It’s simply not true anymore, and we should celebrate that,’” Maher quoted. “You agree with that?” (RELATED: Eric Trump Says Democrats ‘Feeding’ Trump Black, Hispanic, Youth Votes)

“Uh, I don’t know if it’s ten times better, but maybe five,” Charlamagne Tha God responded.

“Come on,” Maher said as the audience laughed. “You think you have to be five times?”

“Yeah. When you, when you black in America, absolutely,” Charlamagne Tha God said.

“In 2024?” Maher asked.

“Yeah. When you’re black in America, when you’re a woman in America, if you’re a black woman in America? Absolutely,” Charlamagne Tha God said.

“I think that’s a zombie lie,” Maher told his guest.

“Why?” Charlamagne Tha God asked.

“Because I just don’t think that’s America anymore,” Maher responded.

Biden has lost support from black voters across key battleground states and Democratic strongholds as presumptive 2024 Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has been making headway. Trump’s support among black voters has more than doubled since 2020.