JONES: How PhRMA Funds Trans Insanity

(Photo by ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images)

Thomas Jones Contributor
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Big Pharma lobbyists have already become notorious for their usual shenanigans. But research by the American Accountability Foundation has uncovered that Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) has reached a whole new low. Now, aside from all their usual antics of giving money to the various campaign committees, PhRMA is financing the left’s radical LGBTQ agenda.

The radical groups receiving PhRMA funding include:

  • The Trevor Project, which offers counseling on gender transitions to teenagers without parental consent.
  • Equality California, which supported bills in California requiring teachers undergo “LGBTQ+ cultural competency training” and a bill that would require a parent’s affirmation of child’s gender identity be considered during child custody decisions.
  • The American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, which publishes a “Facts for Families” guide on “Transgender and Gender Diverse Youth” that provides guidance on medical and surgical gender transitions.
  • The Human Rights Campaign, which pushes the LGBTQ agenda in workplaces and schools.
  • The LGBTQ Victory Institute, which aims to place LGBTQ individuals in presidentially appointed positions.
  • The Maine Transgender Network, which opposed a bill to establish a rating system for books in school libraries and opposed a bill to allow only female students to participate in girls’ school sports.
  • The Center for Black Equity, which sponsors black LGBTQ pride events and brands itself as “an alternative to the largely white mainstream LGBTQ+ movement.”

These organizations represent some of the worst elements in our society. The left’s effort to sexualize children, mutilate their bodies with experimental gender transitions, and destroy parental rights is one of the most pernicious movements in America today. Yet not only is PhRMA standing beside the groups pushing this agenda; they’re funding them.

This is horrifying enough, yet despite their financing of the left’s maniacal gender ideas, PhRMA’s lobbyists still come knocking on the doors of conservative members of Congress, expecting a warm welcome and a sympathetic ear. This is something that needs to change immediately. If PhRMA wants to fund organizations that go behind parents’ backs to urge children to mutilate their perfectly healthy bodies, then at the very least, they should forget about receiving a friendly reception next time they need a conservative lawmaker’s help.

Next time PhRMA comes knocking, I hope conservative on the Hill will stand up for themselves, and perhaps not offer a friendly hearing to those who spit in the face of everything we believe in.