MSNBC Runs The Most Sinister Op-Ed Of All Time For Father’s Day

(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Gage Klipper Commentary & Analysis Writer
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“Happy Father’s Day to the men who knew they weren’t ready to be dads,” reads perhaps the most evil op-ed ever written.

As always, leftists can’t ever let men get anything just for themselves without making it about women somehow. So this year, Danielle Campoamor writing for MSNBC, had to make sure we all know the real meaning of Father’s Day: abortion.

Forget the dads who work hard to take care of their wives and children. Forget the countless sacrifices dads make to provide for and protect their children. Forget the dads who only discovered the true meaning of being a man when they first looked into their child’s eyes.

No, the real fatherly role models are those “who knew expanding their family was not tenable” and those “who knew delaying parenthood was a form of family planning.” Most importantly, true fatherhood is defined by the “men who stayed by their spouse’s side as they have endured medically necessary, lifesaving abortions.”

I’m no fan of cancel culture, but no author should ever feel comfortable putting such words to paper. No outlet should ever feel like they can publish it without being excoriated from every angle by the public. In a few short years, we’ve gone from “Legal, Safe and Rare” to: real fathers are those who kill their babies.

It’s not enough to say this author is wrong. She’s evil.

The real father is the one who may think all of the things this despicable author says —maybe I’m not ready, maybe we can’t afford it, maybe I don’t want to give up my hopes and dreams for this kid — but then steps up to be the man he has to be for his child anyway.

This man will never have regrets. But the one who supports his child being murdered in the womb always will.