Pastor Who Thanked Trump For Visiting ‘The Hood’ Says Dem Party Has Taken Black Vote ‘For Granted’

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Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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Senior Pastor of 180 Church Lorenzo Sewell called out the Democrat Party Monday on Fox News, stating they have taken the black vote “for granted.”

Sewell appeared on “The Ingraham Angle” to discuss his recent meet-up with former President Donald Trump in Detroit after going viral for highlighting how both President Joe Biden and former President Barack Obama didn’t come to “the hood,” thanking Trump for his visit. Following a clip played by Fox host Laura Ingraham of a CNN data reporter reviewing a major swing for Trump from the Democratic key voting bloc, Ingraham asked Sewell if he was surprised by black voters moving to the right for this election.  (RELATED: ‘I’m Like Speechless’: CNN’s Harry Enten Says Trump ‘Careening Towards A Historic Performance’ With Black Voters)

“The reason why it doesn’t surprise me [is] because the Democrats, they have taken our vote for granted,” Sewell said. “The Democrats, they have led our community for 56 years. We have a $2.7 billion budget but, yet, no change. You don’t have to be spiritual, you don’t have to be logical, you just have to see. Ray Charles could see that their policies are failing our communities.”

During a show Monday, CNN senior data reporter Harry Enten said he was rendered “speechless” by the recent polling of black voters. Enten stated that in the 2020 election, Biden received an estimated 86% of the black vote with Trump only gaining 7%, but recent polls show the former president has shot up nearly 15 points.

According to the CNN senior data reporter, although Biden is still ahead with the key Democratic voting bloc, Trump’s 21% is outside of the “historical norm” as black voters under the age of 50 are appearing to be “leaving in droves.”

Polls show Biden has been slipping to Trump in major swing states due to losing portions of his party’s key voting blocs. In a recent poll conducted by USA TODAY/Suffolk University black voters within Pennsylvania and Michigan have dropped from Biden since the 2020 election. Data shows that in Pennsylvania black voters have dropped 20 percentage points from the president, and down 22 percentage points within Michigan, according to the poll.