ROOKE: Massachusetts Advances Bill To Allow The Sale Of Human Beings — With The Help Of Republicans

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Mary Rooke Commentary and Analysis Writer
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The Massachusetts House of Representatives unanimously passed the Parentage Act Wednesday, updating the state’s parenting laws to include removing the terms “mother” and “father” and to legalize prostitution and the sale of children.

The bill passed the state House by a 156-0 vote, with not a single Republican voting against it despite the bill permitting prostitution to conceive a child and exchange the term “mother” for a “person who gave birth” or “genetic surrogate.”

The Parentage Act legalized prostitution by allowing a man who wants to have a child without using IVF or other assisted reproductive methods to purchase sex with a woman with the intent for her to get pregnant with his child. The contract doesn’t have to be written or signed by either party to be recognized by the law. Not only that, but the biological mom will not be legally considered the parent of the child, nor is she “entitled to any non-expense related compensation paid for acting as a surrogate.”

Unlike most states’ adoption laws, which allow the biological mother to change her mind about giving away her child, the new law requires that the “intended parent,” or the man purchasing the baby, have the full rights of parentage immediately upon the birth of the child. (ROOKE: Democratic Lawmaker Who Destroyed Own Family Wants To Come For Yours Next)

The Democrats are calling this a win for LGBTQ families. Democrat state Representative Michael Day told fellow members that this was an act intended to choose “inclusion over intolerance.”

“We chose love and inclusion over intolerance. Today, we continue on that worthy pathway recognizing the love and commitment of parents and meeting them as they are,” Day told fellow state House members.

The bill erases biological parents from the family equation and instead props up the LGBTQ version, and Republicans went along in full support. This goes well beyond supporting IVF and surrogacy and dangerously allows children to be considered a commodity, available to be bought and sold.

The state Senate will vote on the Parentage Act imminently, and it is highly likely to pass. One thing is glaringly obvious: our society no longer protects children.