‘Reek Of Jealousy And Bitterness’: Skip Bayless Goes Off On Angel Reese During ‘Undisputed’

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Get ’em, Skip!

Like usual (it’s becoming the norm), Chicago Sky superstar Angel Reese caused outright chaos recently after giving her rival Caitlin Clark a solid pop on the head, and legendary sports pundit Skip Bayless decided to chime in about it — and boy oh boy, he kept it completely real.

For the second time in the campaign, Reese and the Sky suffered defeat to Clark and the Indiana Fever, but out of that game, the only thing that people are talking about is Reese’s flagrant foul against the former Iowa Hawkeye. (RELATED: WNBA Projected To Lose $50 Million Despite ‘The Caitlin Clark Effect’ And The League Being More Popular: REPORT)

Caitlin Clark Vs. Angel Reese Highlights


During Sunday’s game between the two ladies, Reese made an attempt to lay down a block on Clark while she was shooting, but rather than that, she instead gave a good ol’ whack to the head of Clark. After the contest, Reese stated that it was just a “basketball play,” and even claimed that Clark has a “special whistle.”

Caitlin Clark Puts Up 30 Against The Mystics


Clark Drops 49 For Iowa


And like most of us, Bayless wasn’t playing that nonsense.

“I listen to her postgames and yeah, she’s become the villain. I don’t think she wants to be the villain, but she’s become the protagonist. She’s the instigator. Her postgames reek a little bit of jealousy and bitterness. That’s how it comes across to me, but I don’t know. They’re still too young for to know for sure where they’re going to stand,” said Bayless during Monday’s edition of “Undisputed.”


Skip Bayless … my man still has it!

P.S. Shoutout to the Daily Beast for including me in their hit piece on this matter, y’all the real MVPs. (LMAO)