Three Teenagers Arrested For Allegedly Raping Girl For Being Jewish: REPORT

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Ilan Hulkower Contributor
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Three teenagers were arrested by French police for allegedly assaulting and raping 12-year-old girl in antisemitic attack, Le Parisien reported Tuesday.

The accused assailants, aged 12, 13 and 14 years old, allegedly grabbed the young girl from a park near her house into a shed where they hit and raped her, “while making death threats and anti-Semitic remarks,” the outlet reported in French. (RELATED: ‘All Jews Must Die’: Man Admits To Repeatedly Threatening Synagogues, Jewish Businesses)

One alleged assailant allegedly called her a “dirty Jew,” The Jewish Chronicle reported.  One of the alleged assailants was her former boyfriend, Le Parisien reported. The minors reportedly partially admitted to the charges during the course of a judicial hearing and confessed that they were motivated out of a sense for revenge, the outlet noted.

The former boyfriend said he was angry she had hid her Judaism from him, the outlet reported. The boyfriend’s cellphone allegedly showed him making antisemitic comments and images like a burnt Israeli flag, according to the outlet. A second suspected assailant allegedly told law enforcement he was motivated to harm the girl because she uttered anti-Palestinian views, the French media outlet reported.

The young girl was subjected to a gynecological examination by a medical institution that confirmed the rape, the outlet noted.

The prosecutor’s office told the outlet that two of the three were charged with aggravated rape, sexual assault, attempted extortion, violence committed during a meeting against a minor under 15 years old “and for reasons of religion, invasion of privacy by fixation, recording or transmission of an image of a person of a sexual nature, repeated death threats, insult on the grounds of religion.” The third suspect “was placed under the status of assisted witness concerning the acts of rape, and indicted for the rest of the offenses referred to in the introductory indictment.”