D.C. Bureaucrats Have Unleashed A Hell On American Men They May Come To Regret

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Washington, D.C. needs to tread very, very carefully. It’d be a shame if someone got hurt.

The city has single-handedly put an end to online Zyn shipments after the attorney general requested information about Philip Morris’ compliance with a city ban on flavored tobacco products. The ban includes flavored synthetic nicotine products.

In reply to this implicit threat from D.C., Philip Morris is ceasing all online sales from until the matter is resolved. (Click HERE to sign up for Mr. Right’s weekly newsletter)

This is outrageous on its face. For starters, the anti-big tobacco crusade of the left has gone way too far when grown men can’t put whatever they damn well please into their mouths. Banning flavored tobacco products to begin with is egregious government overreach.

But to then try to enforce that ban in such a way that a man in the heartland of America cant get some pocket pouches shipped his way because of some low-T D.C. bureaucrats? Diabolical.

Zyn is the fuel that keeps American men running. It wakes them up, powers them through and inspires achievement in all walks of life, from nailing a huge sales call to chatting up a fit bird at the local watering hole during happy hour.

Philip Morris and D.C. must resolve this as soon as possible, or else there may be hell to pay. Men in this country are at their breaking point, and who knows if this will be the thing that puts them over the edge.


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